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On this page you will gain insight into the use of Microsoft Teams, and how to utilize it, as a Learning Technology.


On this page you will gain insight into the use of Microsoft Teams, and how to utilize it, as a Learning Technology.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is a communicative and cooperative platform created for a workplace, or study environment, where people have to work together in teams. As an educator, you can use Teams to support your teaching, communication, teamworking abilities and organizing. In the following paragraphs, you will be introduced to the properties of Teams and how they can be used for teaching and supervision purposes.  

Pedagogical and didactic advantages  

Teams can be utilized in the facilitation of a virtual Q and A lesson, where the students have the opportunity to ask questions about the curriculum before an exam, or about study placement, without the need to be physically present on campus. If you are the educator responsible for a course, that runs concurrent to the study placement period or with midterm seminars/status seminars, Teams can also be useful since the students will, more often than not, be spread out around the country, or the world even.  

Be advised, that when making a new “team” in Teams, you have to pick the type of team you wish to create. Our recommendation would be that you create the team as “Classroom” or “other”, but the functionalities and properties of the different kinds of teams will continuously change – You are invited to read more about the different properties of the various teams here

Furthermore, Teams opens up for the possibility of inviting guest speakers to your lessons, who might not have been able to participate otherwise, due to having to take time out their timetables to make the journey back and forth. The guest speaker could, for instance, be your business partner on your project, who lives abroad, or somebody who has finished their education and is working on a relevant case, that you would like presented to your class. Teams provides them with the opportunity to still participate in the lecture, even though they might not be able to take a whole day off.  

Another advantage of using Teams is that it can be used as the focal point for many of the other Office 365 programs. For example, you can connect a team to a Planner, that may be used to organize your activities and deadlines. You could also connect it to a Forms formular or to a OneNote notebook – You can read more about Planner, Forms and OneNote as learning technologies on the CDUL website.  


If you are in need of pedagogical or didactic guidance or consultation/discussion about the use of Teams, you are more than welcome to contact CDUL


Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 package. If you wish to access to Office 365, you can find information on how to do so here


Microsoft Teams is a part of the Office 365 package. Office 365 is used at AAU in agreement with Kontaktenheden. Therefore, you can safely use Office 365 for educational purposes.