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On this page, you will gain insight into how to use Microsoft OneNote as a Learning Technology.


On this page, you will gain insight into how to use Microsoft OneNote as a Learning Technology.

What is OneNote?

OneNote is a digital notebook. A program in which you can scribble down random inspirations or systematically keep track of your notes, or maybe both?  

Pedagogical advantages 

In OneNote you have the ability to create a private notebook and to share notebooks with others. This means that you can use it for your own notes, make notes with your collaborators and/or a notebook shared with your students. OneNote is also effective when making portfolios. Whether you need a tool to work on a private portfolio or a tool to work on student’s portfolios, OneNote is a good place to start.  

OneNote is useful when one wishes to create an educational portfolio in cooperation with your students. By using OneNote’s “Class notebook” function, each student is only granted access to their own portfolio and the joint pages you might wish to create, while you in turn, gain access to all the student's notebooks. This can be an advantage as it grants you insight into their learning process and their problem solving skills.

You can read more about educational portfolios here. 

OneNote can also be used in group work, where the notebook functions as the primary tool to keep track of the progress and process of the project. The students can make joint notes during the lectures, write summaries of their group meetings or share pdf-files they find relevant.  

Furthermore, OneNote can be used as a regular, although digital, notebook for your private notes. OneNote is available on most devices and therefore it is a most agile tool, which can be used on the spot if a thought strikes you, and you need to remember it. You are able to store your notes in a filing system that you can customize to fit your own desires, and you can share these notes with others, should you wish to.  

When using OneNote only your own imagination, and technical skill, limits the way in which it can be utilized for educational purposes.  

It should be noted that OneNote might look different depending on which version you are using. However, the functionality and the advantages remain the same and it does not affect the content you put in your notebooks – this remains the same regardless of which version you are using.  


If you are in need of help getting started, or you are interested in hearing more ideas as to how OneNote can be utilized as you wish, you are always welcome to contact CDUL at cdul@iaspbl.aau.dk


Microsoft OneNote is a part of the Office 365 package. If you wish access to Office 365 you can find the information on how to do so here


Microsoft OneNote is part of the Office 365 package. Office 365 is used in agreement with Kontaktenheden. Therefore, you can safely use OneNote for educational purposes.