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On this page, you will gain insight into how to use Microsoft Forms as a Learning Technology.


On this page, you will gain insight into how to use Microsoft Forms as a Learning Technology.

What is Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is an easy-to-use application, where you can create an abundance of surveys by using the tools within the app. These surveys could be used to make registration forms, test and polls. Forms can be integrated into PowerPoint slides, and you can choose to view results directly on the app's user interface as well as in an Excel spreadsheet.  

Pedagogical advantages 

Microsoft can be used during lectures to activate the students. It could be used, for instance, to make a quiz for a lesson, where you, based on the answers, can assess the academic level that the students operate at and plan your lessons accordingly – CDUL have written about how to use quizzes during your teachings and you can read more about that here

Another way to use it, is to make a Forms that you share with your students before the lesson that is intended for the students to ask question that you can answer during a break or perhaps before (or during) the next lecture. This provides an opportunity for students, who may be uncomfortable in expressing their questions verbally in class or who may be experiencing other difficulties, to have their questions answered, and therefore being able to participate actively in the lesson. Perhaps it might prove even more effective if the questions can be asked anonymously, to eliminate the fear of the students feeling academically inadequate because of their questions and provide everybody with the opportunity to participate regardless of their verbal confidence.  

Forms can also be used in lessons for a reflection exercise. This is done by providing one or more reflective questions for the students to answer. If it then makes sense for your teaching, you might use the answers to facilitate a discussion about the subject in class.  

You can also use Forms asynchronously, that is to say before or after your lesson, where the students answer a Form individually. You can use it before the lecture to assess the academic level of the students or after to see if the students have gained the desired knowledge from the lecture. After a lesson you can also use Forms to make the students evaluate the lecture, in order to be provided with constructive criticism that you can take into consideration for your following lectures.


If your curiosity has been awoken and you would like to know more about how to use Forms, you can read more about it on Microsoft's website. If you are in need of pedagogical or didactical advisement or consultation about the use of Forms, you are always welcome to contact CDUL  


Microsoft Forms is a part of the Office 365 package. If you wish access to Office 365 you can find the information on how to do so here 


Microsoft Forms is part of the Office 365 package. Office 365 is used in agreement with Kontaktenheden. Therefore, you can safely use Office 365 for educational purposes.