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Learn more about Camtasia as a Learning Technology


Learn more about Camtasia as a Learning Technology


Camtasia is a video editing program, which proves very useful should you wish to edit your video material. The program offers slightly more advanced functions than those you might encounter in programs such as Panopto. Therefore it would be beneficial if you already know the basics of video editing before using Camtasia.

Pedagogical advantages

Camtasia, and video editing in general, is beneficial to you, if you wish to work with the pedagogical approach known as flipped learning. It enables you to make screen recordings or regular camera recordings and edit them however you please. For example, you can add voice over to your screen recordings or separate the sound from your video recording and edit them separately. You can also add text and other effects to your videos. By doing this, you can make sure that the videos emphasize the point of your videos. After you have edited the videos to your liking, you can export your videos and put them or YouTube or directly into Moodle.


Camtasia possesses an excellent catalogue of tutorials, which can be of use to you in your editing phase. If you are in need of other pedagogical and didactical counseling or inspiration in regard to using Camtasia, you are always welcome to contact CDUL.


If you wish to access Camtasia, CDUL has a number of licences that you can borrow. Write CDUL at cdul@iaspbl.aau.dk  and you can receive instructions on how to get started.


Camtasia is used at Aalborg University with a Data Processing Agreement. This means that you can safely use Camtasia in learning situations.