Digitally Supported Learning - Corona Virus

Assistance for teachers during the AAU Corona-shutdown

NOTE: This website is continuously developed and updated so that the support provided by the website will expand gradually.

In relation to the shutdown of the university for employees and students, a website providing “help for self-help” has been made for employees who need assistance to establish digital emergency-versions of their course plans.

The model is

  • Teachers who need assistance can use this website to find a solution based on the instructions provided
  • If the advice mentioned above is not sufficient, we recommend that colleagues help each other out

Guide: GDPR compliance


GDPR approved systems for digital teaching

Guides for teachers

Points of attention

In order to ensure that AAU systems are able to cope with the increased online activities, prerecorded videos for teaching must be used whenever possible. That is, live streaming lectures through Teams and Skype for Business is not recommended. 

However, it is possible to do short prerecorded presentations and introductions to students via these platforms, although it cannot be guaranteed that they will be able to withstand the potential bandwidth strain. If you choose synchronous communication, it is therefore important that you as a teacher have an alternative plan just in case the communication is barred by the network capacity being disabled or if the platform is overloaded. 


For technical questions, we refer to ITS Support.

For pedagogical or didactic questions, we refer to or your local digital learning consultant.

IT tools - Not supported (For the experienced user. If not use recommended tools)