How can project work benefit the lectures?

As an educator you can beneficially implement study activities involving students´ projects in your curriculum. Projects will typically revolve around situations or problems the students will encounter in their later work life. Therefore the projects can help to put the theoretical contents in a practical context. These study activities can help the students realize the relevance of the curriculum and be a motivating factor. As educator it will be beneficial to implement study activities involving the students´ projects as an active part of the curriculum. This will enhance the coherence of the semesters. When the students apply the theories and methods from the lectures into their own projects, they experience a relevant context and attains a higher level of transferrable knowledge. The students´ gains knowledge and competences which they are able to use in a broader sense.

The video below offers inspiration on how to implement study activities to support the connection between the students´ projects and the curriculum.

Further information

CDUL is currently working to develop inspirational material on how to utilize the courses to benefit the students´ projects. As soon as this is done, it will be available on this site.

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