How to do study activities involving casework

Casework is an excellent study activity to implement into your curriculum. The casework will put the theories in context and provide a practical and exemplary insight. Casework helps to secure transference of knowledge to other similar cases and can also be a motivational factor. Through casework the students are adapting knowledge and competences they can use in a broader sense than the lectures themselves.  


Casework and learning technologies 

CDUL offers a variety of learning technologies that can support the casework. In Office 365 you can utilize Teams, Word, or OneNote. All these apps can be used to communicate or comment on the cases. The groups can present their casework in different ways by utilizing Padlet, PowerPoint or a presentation app like Sway. PowerPoint and Sway are also part of Office 365. For more information about Office 365, please refer to our site about learning technologies.


Further information

CDUL is currently working to develop inspirational material on casework. As soon as this is done, it will be available on this site.

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