How to implement groupwork in your curriculum

Group work is a large part of the study model at Aalborg University. Often the students are put into groups where they have to cooperate to solve a particular assignment. The end goal is to get the students to relate to the material in an active manner and to do this as a group. This enhances the chances for a qualification of knowledge, skills, and competences. 

Many groups are working online with their projects but is mostly meeting physically at campus or somewhere else. As an educator it can be an advantage to utilize the learning technologies already know by the students. At AAU everyone has access to Office 365. Office 365 is a collection of old and new apps, having Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as the most commonly known. It is now possible to work in these apps in real time, so that the group can always be informed about who is working in which part of the project. At the lectures it is possible to use Office 365 to give the groups assignments to solve. As an educator you will be able to create one sole document and then link to it from Moodle or Teams. Every group will then be able to read and write in that one document without sending it back and forth or upload it. You will be able to monitor what is happening in the document and share the contents with your students. They will also be able to see everything going on in the document. Thus, files are no longer static but dynamic and it gives your students the opportunity to contribute to the assignments you offer from your curriculum.  
Other tools at your disposal is - for example - Padlet, which offers a nice opportunity for you as an educator to round off assignments and share knowledge and topics. In CDUL we are always looking for new ways to support PBL via learning technologies. In the “further information”-section you can find more information about how to implement groupwork into your curriculum. 

If you wish to implement more digital study activities and groupwork in your curriculum, please contact CDUL. We are always ready to help and inspire you with this. You can also read more about Office 365, Padlet, and other learning technologies on our site.

Other study activities for project- and groupwork

You can find more relevant material about groupwork developed by CDUL below: 

  • SUND is working with digital groupwork. The project explores the possibilities to support groupwork both online and physically. Here you can read an article form CDUL about SUND´s project and find inspiration on how you can implement these elements when facilitating groupwork. 
  • Padlet in lectures and project work

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