Project work is a central part of the study programme of Aalborg University. It can be challenging for the students to construct a good problem formulation, which will obstruct their project work. That is why it is a great opportunity for you as an educator and supervisor to incorporate some activities in your curriculum that will help the students to construct a suitable problem formulation. The activities will help you and the students structure this crucial part of the project work. 

At CDUL we have access to the learning technology Scribo. Scribo provides the opportunity to cooperate with the students to structure the work surrounding the construction of the problem formulation. 

As an educator and supervisor you can plan the work revolving the development of the problem formulation in many ways. As inspiration you can plan the study activity to guide the students through a variety of questions regarding the purpose of the project and which theories and methods they want to apply to their project. The result will be a professional and qualified problem formulation, which can create the base for further discussions between students and supervisor. 

Watch the video below and gain more knowledge and inspiration on how to plan and execute study activities supporting and developing the determination of the problem formulation.

The students say: 

“The study activity made us work systematically on our problem formulation and a dialogue between us and our supervisor occurred. We established a base for our project and this gave us a good start on our project work.” 

- Mieke Green Rasmussen, student at Læring og Forandringsprocesser.

This is why study activities, where the students in collaboration with their supervisors can develop their problem formulation, are very fruitful for the project work and thus for the groupwork. 

For further guidance about how to implement study activities regarding the development of problem formulation, please contact CDUL. If you want to learn more about Scribo as a learning technology, please refer to our pages about learning technologies.

Other study activities for project- and groupwork

Further information

CDUL is currently working to develop inspirational and guidance material for technologies helping to develop the problem formulation. As soon as this is done, it will be available on this site.

Advantages regarding study activities utilizing learning technologies to develop problem formulations


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