Project- and group work

As an educator and supervisor, it can be difficult to find inspiration when it comes to the students´ project- and groupwork. This is why CDUL have produced this theme for educators and supervisors who are planning and coordinating projects. As an educator or supervisor facilitating student group work, you can either do ad hoc-groups working on singular assignments, or establish long-term PBL groups. Whether the groupwork is long or short term, it is crucial that the students interact and work towards a common goal or product. This is also an important part of the PBL-principals. Through groupwork the students are responsible for their group´s own education. At the same time, they develop the ability to assess the quality of their own effort and knowledge. 

In this theme you can also read more about the different learning technologies offered by CDUL to support and help project- and groupwork. 

Watch the video below and gain more knowledge and inspiration on how to support the students´ project- and groupwork.


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