How to use interactive boards in your curriculum

The use of interactive boards is a digital study activity which makes the education more involving for your students. Students generally wants to get involved and Padlet and Microsoft Whiteboard are some ways in which you as an educator can create space for reflections, dialogue about groupwork, and assignments. Padlet and Whiteboard also offers the opportunity for students to answer questions, to prepare for the lectures, or to evaluate, so you as an educator can know which difficulties the students had and what to elaborate or revisit in the next lecture. 

The use of interactive boards in the study activities can give the students the opportunity to vocalize their doubts or questions about their own studies and lectures. Interactive boards are also a way to activate students who may not always - by physical presence - participate in groupwork or assignments. 

At CDUL we are very experienced in working with Padlet as an interactive whiteboard-tool. Further information about how to use Padlet in your curriculum can be found here.

CDUL also arrange seminars about the use of Padlet in learning situations. Keep an eye on the CDUL calendar and sign up for the next Padlet-seminar. 

If you want to learn more about Padlet and Microsoft Whiteboard (a part of Office 365), and how to get started using these learning technologies, please refer to our pages about learning technologies.


Other ways to actively involve your students in their own education

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