How to use quizzes, polls, and tests in your curriculum

One of the very best ways to activate and involve your students, is to get them to participate in quizzes, polls, or tests. These can be both amusing or professional, formal or informal. A quiz can be used as an icebreaker on a new course or as a bit of a laugh in the beginning of a semester. A quiz can also give you an insight in the students´ educational progress and whether some subjects should be revisited or elaborated. 

CDUL recommends learning technologies which gives many opportunities to produce quizzes, polls, test, and other engaging and involving activities to activate the students. Among others Moodle has a quiz-function that gives you a lot of possibilities. Further information about Moodle-quiz and these opportunities can be found here

Microsoft Forms is a part of Office 365 and it gives you the opportunity to raise questions, tests, and quizzes. Activities produced in Forms can easily be shared with the students directly in Teams or in Moodle. 

Mentimeter is a dedicated student-response-system and provide different activities to involve and engage our students in their learning situations. In other words, this gives a wide range of possibilities to activate and engage your students before, during, and after the lectures. 

If you want to learn more about Moodle, Microsoft Forms or Metimeter, and how to get started using these learning technologies to produce quizzes, polls, and tests, please refer to our pages about learning technologies.

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