How to use peer-feedback in your curriculum

By utilizing peer-feedback in the learning situations, you give your students the possibility to think and reflect on their own and others´ knowledge. There are a variety of ways in which the students can give feedback. In opposition to the traditional oral feedback, Moodle can provide a forum in which the students can give their peers feedback in small written posts. Feedback can be given on a text, an assignment, or something completely different. 

Feedback can offer many advantages. The vital point is not always the material on which the feedback is given, but rather the process the students must go through. The feedback helps them refine their product and become aware of new perspectives or different angles on their project and subject. 

Further information about how to integrate peer-feedback in your curriculum can be found here

Aalborg University have different learning technologies to help you facilitate feedback processes. The important thing to keep in mind is that feedback can be given in any system with a commentary-function. Feedback can therefore also be given using for example Microsoft Word. 

At CDUL we have experience in utilizing many different learning technologies for feedback. This includes Moodle, Padlet and Peergrade. If you want to learn more about these technologies, and how to get started using them, please refer to our pages about learning technologies.

Other ways to actively involve your students in their own education

Further information

Below you will find relevant material developed by CDUL concerning peer-feedback: 

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