Active your students

Are you in need of inspiration on how to activate your students? CDUL has developed this theme on how to get your students to actively participate in their education. To activate your students means to get them to perform in other activities than passively listening. This will get the students actively involved in their own learning process. This can happen at many different levels, depending on their experiences and the level of involvement. 

Students can be involved and activated through asynchronous interaction with each other or the educator. This can happen during preparation, during the lectures or in their project. The essence is, that students are activated by other things than just listening – they can read, write, and discuss, all while working problem oriented (PBL). Learning technologies can play a big part in this and can be a helping hand for you as educator. 

By using learning technologies like for example Office 365, Mentimeter, Padlet, Moodle or Peergrade, it is possible to involve the students. CDUL defines digital study activities as “students activated in their education by learning technologies”. Some believe that digital study activities are only suitable for teaching or working online, but this is not the case. Digital learning activities are useful and beneficial both online and in the physical learning space. 

Should you be interested in planning digital study activities into your curriculum and thereby activate and involve your students, we have put together some guides on how to prepare for this and which platforms to use. 

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