Project videos

In these videos, you and your project group can get inspiration on how to use digital tools and how to develop the group work. You can also use the videos as a help if you are encountering a specific problem or challenge about cooperation, managing the project or use of digital tools. Case groups and study groups for casework can also use the videos concerning cooperation and digital tools. 

Please note, these videos are narrated in Danish.

Video 1: The tour of Office 365 and teams for the project group

This video presents the possibilities in Office 365 and the many different apps it contains. The tour have a specific focus on the functions in Teams.


Video 3: The meetings and types of meetings in the project group

Are you experiencing doubts about which type of meeting you and your group needs right now, and how best to plan it? This video can help! In this video you can find information about meetings in general, specific types of meetings and when to choose what, whether you and your group chooses to meet digitally or physically.

Video 5: The digital project management and time planning of the project group

This video shows how you and your project group can structure the project work and manage time in the best way. Methods and tools usable in all projects are presented.

Video 7: The meeting invitations of the group

This video is relevant for you, who wish to know the fancy details that makes meeting invitations easy, both for you and for the invitees. The video shows different methods for creating meeting invitations in both Outlook and Teams, and provides help for both group meetings and supervisor meetings.

Video 2: The digital communication and cooperation of the project group

This video is relevant for someone wanting to better the communication and cooperation in the project group, both online and during physical meetings. You will be presented for the advantages of utilizing Teams for this and how to create a digital workroom for you and your project group in Teams.

Video 4: The project groupĀ“s sharing of knowledge and materials

Watch this video to gain knowledge about how to work more efficient in the group by strengthening the sharing of knowledge – both in the physical meetings and when you are not in the same room. This video introduces different methods for knowledge and materials sharing and shows how Teams helps to the optimal product.

Video 6: The cooperation between the project group and the supervisor

Do you want to strengthen you and your project group´s cooperation with the supervisor? Watch this video to see how to exchange materials in other ways than by email and how to arrange both physical and digital meetings that gives the best outcome.

Gain knowledge about digital project work

SUND have worked towards digitalizing the project work – how and when it gives the best outcome. We have written an article about this that provides you with an insight into different experiences with digital project work. Read the article here:


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