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Digital Learning Consultant


Digital Learning Consultant
Phone:  99 40 28 54 



Project Leader  at SUND 
Phone:  99 40 98 23 


The medical faculty is transforming towards a more digitalized education, and is developing both praxis and principles for digitally supported PBL and teachings. The three-year project lays the foundation to prepare the students for a work-life with many digitalized ways to work and cooperate. It also secures that the students meet activating and including learning activities. 

The project is in three parts. Each part is founded in steering groups, constituted of staff from across the faculty. 

The three parts are: 

  • Digital support of the students´ project work, including supervision 
  • Activating, digitally supported learning activities in the lectures 
  • Digitalization of medical casework 

The project is managed by a project leader and a digital learning consultant is associated to support the development of the future PBL education. The digital learning consultant is employed at Center for Digital Supported Learning (CDUL) but is partner at SUND, and is therefore supporting digital initiatives in the SUND educational environments in both pedagogical, it-didactic, and technological perspective. 

A steering group and a manager manage each part-project. (The managers are: Project work: Louise Pape-Haugaard, Learning activities in the lectures: Niels Rossing, Casework: Tue Bennike).  

Primary contact for all inquiries should be directed at Anders Holm:  (substitute for Johanne Bräuner Nygaard Hansen:  or 99 40 37 92).  

Please contact us for more information.

Inspiration for digital education

Inspiration catalogue containing good advices, perspectives, and tips for technology if you are planning a course with digital elements. Primarily for semester coordinators, those responsible for courses and educators.


Inspiration for digital project work

Seven videos containing advises and inspiration for project work and general cooperation and usage of digital tools at all educations. A help for both students and supervisors.


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