Padlet in the curriculum and the project work

Last modified: 06.09.2021

In February and March 2021 CDUL have highlighted the digital tool Padlet and, in connection to this, held a range of webinars called “How to Padlet”, participated by more than 100 people. Padlet is a visual collaborative online board and is therefore very useful in many contexts. At CDUL´s webinars Rune Hagel Skaarup Jensen and Jonas Svenstrup Sterregaard presented Padlet as a digital tool to support education and project work. 

Examples from educational praxis 

At the webinars concrete examples from different educational praxis were exemplified. The participants understood that Padlet has a lot of possibilities and can be utilized before, during and after the lectures. They were presented for examples on how other educators successfully have utilized Padlet in different learning situations. This includes getting questions and reflections from the students before the lectures, getting extracts from group discussions, and for evaluating and answering questions after the lectures. This made it clear that Padlet can be widely utilized across the curriculum, not just the lectures themselves. 

This is an example on how Padlet can be used for solving tasks. 

Relevant for project work 

Padlet isn´t just relevant in connection to the lectures, but also in connection to the project work. Both educators, supervisors and students can utilize Padlet advantageously. At the webinars, the participants were introduced to different functions, which were usable in the management of the projects. Deadlines and the distribution of tasks can be highlighted, not just for the students´ benefits, but also for the supervisors to get an easy overview of their process. Furthermore, many have used Padlet as a brainstorming tool, both in project work and in the lectures. Padlet is peticular relevant for this, since it is a collaborative tool, which gives the opportunity for several people to work, induce ideas and comment at the same time. 

This is an example on how Padlet can be used as a project management tool. 

Do you also want to try out Padlet? 

Aalborg University has a free license for their educators and students, which makes Padlet easily accessible. Find the license here. Padlet is a user-friendly technology, and you should be able to start on your own. At CDUL´s webinars the participants were given the opportunity to explore Padlet on their own, and most got the hang of it quite fast. If you wish to explore Padlet yourself, we recommend CDUL´s get-started guide. Find it here

If you are in need of more guidance, or wish to here more about how to utilize Padlet in your curriculum, please contact CDUL´s Digital Learning Consultants Rune Hagel Skaarup Jensen  and  Jonas Svenstrup Sterregaard  who have held the webinars “How to Padlet”.