Moodle quiz: Expand your knowledge about quizzes

Moodle quiz: Expand your knowledge about quizzes

Last modified: 06.09.2021

Quizzes can be utilized in a lot of different ways, and can be both competitive and amusing activities. But did you know that quizzes can be a relevant digital tool to support learning? Read on and learn how Moodle Quiz can help you rethink the way you work with quizzes, and how quizzes can be used to support the PBL in a digital context. 

Quizzes in different learning contexts

Moodle quiz provides a wide range of possibilities on how to utilize quizzes both before, during and after the lectures. See examples below. 

  • The Polls 

Polls intends to give a quick impression of the students. You can utilize it as a preparation tool and ask the students to complete a quiz before a semester or lecture. This way you can gain insight into the students´ progression and target your curriculum towards the students´ needs. 

  • The Icebreaker 

You can utilize a quiz as an icebreaker at the beginning of a semester or a lecture. You could plan an easy quiz and let the students solve it in groups. This gives the students the possibility to discuss curricular subjects between themselves. You can also utilize the quiz to give the students a break in the stream of information in a lecture and at the same time gain an insight into the students´ comprehension of the curriculum. If you teach online and use videos, Moodle quiz gives you an opportunity to incorporate the quiz into the video. 

  • The self-assessment 

Moodle quiz provides you with the opportunity to create a quiz as a self-assessment tool for the students. This provides the students with an opportunity to revise the curriculum on their own. Providing a self-assessment quiz to the students gives them to possibility to find their own professional strengths and weaknesses and thus decide which part of the curriculum to revise. 

  • The evaluation tool 

Quizzes can also be used to re-think the way you evaluate your lectures. Moodle quiz has several functions that makes it an obvious tool for evaluations. 

Quizzes as an exam form 

The classic quiz is not yet dead for obvious reasons - it is very relevant as an exam form. Moodle quiz gives you the opportunity to shape the questions in many ways, which makes it relevant as an exam tool. The students can write short essays, do calculations, match questions and find answers from texts, pictures, or videos. You can even give true/false questions or multiple choice. Thus Moodle quiz can support all the faculties´ exams, depending on which type they wish to use. 

If you wish to read more about the many possibilities provided, please follow this link. 

Examples from praxis 

CDUL provided a workshop about Moodle Quiz and the participating educators shared their experiences. In this workshop it was made clear that several educators had good experiences utilizing Moodle quiz as an exam form or as a self-assess tool. One particular educator had experience with utilizing Moodle Quiz as a sort of helping instructor. The educator had created a quiz that focused on the areas he knew the students traditionally struggled with. He then incorporated feedback into the quiz, which explained how the students should understand the complicated parts of the curriculum. 

How to get started 

Do you wish to get started with Moodle Quiz, but don´t really know how? Follow this guide about Moodle´s quiz functions. Furthermore, CDUL´s Digital Learning Consultants Lisa  Klemm   and  Jonas Svenstrup Sterregaard  have held a webinar about Moodle Quiz, and you are very welcome to contact them directly.