Digital project work at SUND

Digital project work at SUND

Last modified: 06.09.2021

The faculty of Medicine (SUND) have had four projects in the PBL digital strategy. Digital project work is one of them. The project regarding digital project work at SUND focuses on the desire to have a digitalized praxis for project work, which focuses on how to get the students familiar with the possibilities and limitations digital cooperation offer, thus strengthening the students´ digital competences. The digitalization involves generic elements such as project planning, project management, and cooperation between students, but also specific elements, relevant for the different fields and expected of students from these fields. 

Digitally supported project work both physical and online 

Digital Learning Consultant at SUND, Johanne Braüner Nygaard Hansen, have started the project in cooperation with Lector Louise Pape Haugaard and project leader for PBL Digital @SUND Mette Dencker. Johanne explains: 

“It is an important project for SUND and it has been important to the process that the digital support of project work is not dependable on whether the work happens in the physical world or in a digital context. The digital possibilities for digitally supported project work should remain usable whether the students are together physically or not.” 

The project at SUND was already initiated when the Corona-lockdown happened, so the desire to digitally support project work at SUND has been present for long, says Johanne. 

A constant changing labor market 

In a global labor market constantly shifting, it is of great importance, that the students graduating from AAU have the digital competences necessary to apply themselves in a workflow dependent on digitalization. Project planning, project management, and cooperation between students through digital tools creates value. Especially when the students throughout their education continuously have worked problem oriented and gained experience in problem solving with external partners in digital contexts. Johanne continues: 

“PBL is the main principle at Aalborg University, and when the students are working problem oriented and finds answers to their problem formulations with help from digital tools they learn that the digital world is not necessarily difficult and unmanageable but actually helps them create room for reflection, planning and cooperation” 

Input from the students are very valuable 

In the process of developing material for the students about digital support of projects at SUND It has been critical to get the students involved. Both for feedback on the material and project, but also for the educational understanding about how educational material comes into life and gets integrated in the students´ everyday project work. Therefore, the students have been represented in the process in different ways. A prototype of the material was presented, and the students were invited to “think out loud”-tests. This way they had the opportunity to suggest changes. Furthermore, the students have been involved in different scenarios where they worked with the digital project work in both digital and physical context´s. 

The final product 

The project about digital project work on SUND ends in a collection of material containing a poster and seven videos: 

According to plan, the videos will be presented at the start of the semester 2021 and available on Moodle. Posters will be posted in the group workrooms at SUND. Educators at SUND will also be introduced to the material, with special emphasis on the supervisor aspect – a large part of the project work. 

For more information, please contact your Digital Learning Consultant at SUND, Johanne  Bräuner  Nygaard Hansen. Are you looking for inspiration about project and groupwork click here to read more.