CDUL Publishes Annual Report 

CDUL Publishes Annual Report 

Last modified: 06.09.2021

If you are wondering what CDUL is all about, now is the time to find answers. CDUL have published the annual report for 2020-2021, and you can read all about the many exciting tasks CDUL have done during the latest semesters.  

Like so many  others,  you hav e probabl y been very busy deliverin g interesting  and  high quality  digita l education  in 2020 and 2021. In this annual  report,  we  seek to compile  both the good and the challenging  experiences of this across AAU. This leads us to reflect on how to bring the new and exciting digital competences  with us into the physically  attended education.  

You can also read  about  a few cases and new technology that may be inspiring  when  preparing  the new semester curriculum.  Furthermore,  we describe how we decide on which learning technologies and methods we can offer to the educators at AAU so they experience a wide range of relevant possibilities to digitalize their curriculum. In the end, we speculate on what the future brings for CDUL and which goals we work towards. You can find the annual report here.  

If you already  have  read our annual report and can´t wait to get more information on how CDUL can be a re source  for you,  please get in touch. You can find your  Digital  Learning  Consultant HERE.  

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