SONY EDGE ANALYTICS as a learning technology

What is Sony Edge Analytics? 

Sony Edge Analytics is hardware making the educator capable of creating video presentations which earlier would have taken a lot of time, costs and human resources to produce. By applying advanced artificial intelligence Sony Edge Analytics gives the educator the opportunity to provide educational materials and engage students in new ways. Sony Edge Analytics is primarily used for video production, for optimizing synchronized lectures, and for teaching via videoconferences at different locations. 

Sony Edge Analytics offers the following advanced functions: 

  • Handwriting extraction technology 
    Weather the educator is placed in front of a screen or a board, the handwriting extraction technology secures that all words or diagrams written is clearly visible. Via AR (augmented reality) the educator turns transparent, and the writings are visible to the students. 
  • Advanced green screen (Chromakey-less CG Overlay-function) 
    With this function the educator can provide flipped learning and real time education in a new and professional way without prior studies or specialization. 

    The educator can produce specific animations, still photos or graphics to use in presentations as if using a green screen. This gives you the possibility to “step into” your presentation and for example place yourself inside a diagram. 
  • Auto-tracking of educator (PTZ auto-tracking) 
    If you are lecturing at different locations or taping your lecture for flipped learning, the Sony Edge Analytics makes it possible to track your movements to secure that you are always in focus and inside the cameras angle during all of the lecture. 


Inspiration and guidance 

Sony Edge Analytics is a new tool at Aalborg University, and CDUL is currently working to develop inspirational and guidance material for Sony Edge Analytics. As soon as this is done, it will be available on this site. 

Access and accessibility 

Sony Edge Analytics is currently installed in room 3,114 at Krogstræde 3, and at room A6-104 at Niels Jernes vej 12, both at 9220 Aalborg Øst. Both rooms are pilot-projects which means that the technology is constantly tested and calibrated. However, this does not mean that you can´t try out Sony Edge Analytics. If you wish to try Sony Edge Analytics, please contact CDUL for further guidance.

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