Panopto as a learning technology

What is Panopto? 

Panopto is a video platform not unlike Youtube. You can upload and share sound- and video files here. Panopto has a build-in recording programme, which makes it possible to produce screen- and video recordings, stream live over the internet, and administrate and share the produced videos in Moodle. 

Pedagogical and didactic advantages 

Panopto can be advantageously utilized if you want to work with flipped learning. This provides you with the opportunity to record the lectures heavy with theory and upload these. Afterwards you can link to these recordings in Moodle. This gives the students easy access. Your time with the students can now be devoted to discussions and to challenge the students´ comprehension of the theories. Thus, Panopto supports the didactic and pedagogical choices you have made for your course. 

Another possibility you have as an educator to activate your students is to give them the possibility to hand in a video as an alternative. The students have the same access to Panopto, and can hand in clips and videos instead of a written file. The student produced videos provides this different approach to hand-in assignments, and can be a new way to challenge and engage the students. CDUL has developed a study activity about students produced videos. You can find it here


You can gain access to Panopto here. You must use your AAU-login to log in. 


Panopto is used at Aalborg University with a Data Processing Agreement. This means that you can safely use Panopto in learning situations.

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Guides: Learn to use Panopto

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    Guide for Panopto

    If you are in need for guidance on how Panopto can help you activate your students, ITS has produced a guide which will help you to a technical understanding of the platform.

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    How to distribute your video in Panopto

    When you start 

    When you produce or distribute videos on Panopto, make sure that the video does not reach all of Aalborg University or – on the other side – none. This is done by ensuring that the video is placed at the right location at Panopto. If the video is placed at the right location, the correct rights will be attributed to the video. First, you should create a folder on the Panopto platform. You can do this by following this guide: Create a folder in Panopto

    Is the video placed correctly? 

    It is always possible to move your video from one folder to another, should you doubt whether the video is placed correctly. Once the video is moved, the rights to the video changes. For example, if you move a video from one course-folder to another, the participants in the first course will no longer have access to the video. You can move a video in Panopto by following this guide: How to move a video in Panopto

    Is the video on Youtube? 

    If you wish to move the video from Youtube to Panopto, you can follow this guide: How to move a video from YouTube to Panopto

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    Lectures filmed via Panopto through Moodle – how too:

    How to:

    Step 1: Before you can record your lecture on Panopto, you must download the Panopto-program from the Software Center on your PC. Follow the guides on this page for technical setup. 

    Step 2: Once you have downloaded the client, access your course in Moodle. Make sure that Panopto is added to the Moodle course. You do this by clicking “Options”, and then “add element” in the menu on the left.

    Find Panopto on the alphabetical list.

    After the Panopto element has been added, click on the link called “Provision course”. This should be done the first time you insert a Panopto element in your course. You can also follow this guide from ITS: HERE

    Step 3: When Panopto is added to your course, you must click on the link “Course settings” in the Panopto element. 

    Step 4: Once you click the link in Moodle, you are transferred to the online Panopto platform. Here you can see that the video is linked to the Moodle course. A folder has been generated on Panopto, named the same as the Moodle course. This can be closed, and videos can be uploaded or recorded directly from the Moodle course.

    Step 5: Once Panopto is added to your course, you can record your lecture and publish it in the Moodle course.

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    Video guides for Panopto

    Installing the Panopto client


    Adding Panopto to your Moodle course


    How to record and upload a Panopto video to Moodle

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