Padlet as learning technology

What is Padlet?

Padlet is a visual and digital tool, which can be used by students and educators for collaborative assignments and activities. It is an online pinboard and can be widely used – from supporting creative study activities like quizzes to more traditional activities like relevant professional discussions and assignments.  

Pedagogical and didactic advantages 

Padlet is a collaboration tool, where students and educators both can interact at the same time. This makes the possibilities of using Padlet in the learning process plenty. Padlet can be used to gain insight in the students´ comprehension of the curriculum and thereby adapt your teachings to the students´ needs from then on. Padlet can also be used in direct learning situations, and thereby engage the students in the same way as quizzes, polls and tests can. Furthermore, Padlet can be utilized to improve already planned activities like groupwork. As an educator it can be difficult to keep tabs on the discussions taking place in the different groups. Padlet can be used as a tool for dialogue, and the groups can share the highlights off or questions from their discussions. Also, Padlet can be used as an evaluation tool or give the students the option to ask the educator questions even after the lessons.  

In short, Padlet gives the opportunity to prolong the dialogue between the students and the educator. 

Inspiration and guidance 

If you are interested in working with Padlet it is recommended that you read the get-started guides in the bottom. If you are in need for further guidance to get started or if you need more suggestions on how Padlet can accommodate to your curriculum, please contact Rune Hagel Skaarup Jensen or Jonas Svenstrup Sterregaard, both CDUL employees.


Aalborg University has a free Padlet license for all its educators and students. You can find the license here


Padlet is used at Aalborg University with a Data Processing Agreement. This means that you can safely use Padlet in learning situations.

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Guides: Learn to use Padlet

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