Mentimeter as a learning technology

What is Mentimeter? 

Mentimeter is a so called “Student Response”-system. It can be used to activate the students during lectures, and other study activities by integrating quizzes, polls, and Q&A´s. Mentimeter has an intuitive and easily accessible interface; it should be relatively easy to use without prior introduction. 

Pedagogical and didactic advantages 

Metimeter provides the students with the opportunity to raise a question anonymously during a lecture without interrupting the lecturer. This way Mentimeter gives the opportunity to activate even shy or introvert students who normally would not participate in the lecture. With Mentimeter you can test the students´ understanding of the subject, collect feedback, and evaluate. Mentimeter can also foster dialogue and group discussions by creating wordclouds. Students can answer questions or assignments via their preferred device. Furthermore, the educator can cut out pieces of the student responses for later discussions or analysis. 


If you want to access Mentimeter, create a profile at


Mentimeter is used at Aalborg University without a Data Processing Agreement. This means that you must abide by these guidelines provided from Kontraktenheden at Aalborg University:

  • Mentimeter can be used for public and internal information, which DOES NOT contain personal information.  
  • Since you have to create a profile to use Mentimeter and thereby accepted Mentimeters terms and conditions, it must be voluntarily whether you want to use the service.  
  • If it is relevant and necessary for the educator to share presentations, the presentations should be accessible somewhere other than Mentimeter since the users are forced to use their own mail address at Mentimeter.
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