ACTIVE LEARNING SPACES as a learning technology

What is Active Learning Spaces? 

An Active Learning Space is about changing the physical appearance of the traditional workrooms and auditoriums and integrate new technology. An Active Learning Space will support the pedagogical principles of PBL further than a traditional workroom. The combination of a change in the physical design of the space and the integration of new technologies will provide new ways to teach. The educator in an Active Learning Space will take on the role as a facilitator rather than as a lecturer. The focus will be on groupwork and actively engaged students instead of the traditional lectures – thus providing engaging and captivating education. 

At Aalborg University we have established two Active Learning Spaces at SAMF and all educators at AAU are able to book these. One Active Learning Space has a podium in the middle of the room, while the other still has a teacher-place in one end of the room. The students are placed in groups around the educator with a screen at the end of the table. This screen makes it possible for the students to follow along with the presentation from the educator, but also lets them contribute from their own devices. 

Pedagogical and didactic advantages 

The new room should be considered as a new learning technology such as Moodle and other digital platforms used daily by the educators. It is essential that the educator is aware of the role-changing from lecturer to facilitator. The new physical design makes it possible for the teacher to plan and execute a course which really takes advantage of the possibilities appearing when the students can be placed in groups. The technology in an Active Learning Space makes it possible for the groups to share knowledge via the different screens, presentations, and exercises. This eventually will be founded in flipped leaning, so that the educator – using the learning technologies recommended by CDUL - will focus on facilitating the study activities while the students will be asking questions and – while interacting with the other students and the facilitator - constructing their own knowledge. 

Inspiration and guidance 

Active Learning Spaces is a new tool at Aalborg University, and CDUL is currently working to develop inspirational and guidance material for Active Learning Spaces. As soon as this is done, it will be available on this site. 

Access and accessibility 

Active Learning Spaces are currently installed in room 59 and room 61 at Krogstræde 7, 9220 Aalborg Øst. Both rooms are pilot-projects which means that the technology is constantly tested and calibrated. However, this does not mean that you can´t try out an Active Learning Space. If you wish to try an Active Learning Space, please contact CDUL for further guidance. You must book an Active Learning Space via your digital learning consultant.

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